Wednesday, October 5, 2016

She Got Out! More Adventures of a landlady

I rented the house to her in June and she  moved her stuff in, she did not live there till August. By the time the "gang" got done with the neighborhood, she was evicted on August 29th. 

People calling telling me about all the people living in this small three bedroom home. Kids fighting outside and the cops! Everyday I came by the police were there. Someone always hanging out windows and the door was always filled with people just standing around.

I inspected the house and seen some of the damage, some was hidden by garbage or filth,Walking on their clothes in the floor.

She begged to stay since the police broke up that gang by arresting them all. I found out one of them had 6 felony warrants, one was for murder. I said no.

This eviction was not a moment to soon!

I reckon one tried to hide in the loft from the police and knocked holes in the sheet rock.

I reckon the police kicked in the doors with search warrants.

When the trash piles up to the wall from piling it in the floor this happens.

Who knows why people do not clean the toilet! I have yet to understand this one.

And punching holes in the walls, why? Does that make them manly?!

And! The smell. And why did she not toss this in the trash? I can tell you why because she wanted it to stink and she wanted it to be infested with ants.

 There was just nasty stuff around, it had been wet and was stuck together, left for me and my plastic gloves to cram into a trash bag.

Why would you not ever vacuum the carpet? Lazy?!

Well lets not forget the grown up lawn, why not burn trash when it clearly says "NO burning" in the lease? Or who care just toss it, it`ll blow into the woods!

There ya go. That is how people treat the landlady. Was I mean to her ? No. I just let her know she has to follow rules like everyone else, she did not want to follow them and I had to evict her. The neighbors are so happy today.

How far did I get this evening working on the house? with no power I got all seven rooms swept out. I got ALL the trash out, bagged up and in the trash for pick up. While I had water I got the bathroom cleaned but I did not have a screw driver to remove that toilet seat, its trash can bound! I got the kitchen sink cleaned and all the floors mopped, twice. I also scrubbed off the back porch, it was nasty. And I got ants under control by removing the food and spraying.

Tomorrow the sheet rock work and yard work will be done.

Just another day in the life of a landlady.

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Adventures of a Landlady - Quiet

Adventures of a Landlady, Quietness is Heavenly.

Maybe because me being seen in the neighborhood so much has calmed down the ..... the, The evicted tenants.

Because I have gave both of them second chances I have to assume that both believe I will allow them to stay since they are behaving like  normal people but with me its strike three.... Your out!

That one tenant that thought I was new at the eviction process and challenged me to get the court ordered eviction got served by the Sheriff already. The way the first of the month fell and then labor day I could not file till the sixth of the month and the courts informed me that they served the papers on the ninth. Three days?! I am guessing the same officer that came out when this tenant called them because I evicted him served the papers and probably with pleasure.

The other one is very quiet, now, but she always makes it known when she sees me in the neighborhood to sit outside. If she had not allowed a "gang" to live there she would not have been evicted for the third and last time.

Although I have been in this business since the 1990`s I am still learning everyday, as the crooks learn new ways to take from people, the people have to learn new ways to block them. From these two I have learned that NO one will rent another house from me unless they have a job, worked there six months, and maybe they should have a car.

Seems to many people are abusing the system and getting SSI and they are drinking and using drugs, looking for that free ride. 

I am not free anymore, I have worked my entire life and sunk every penny into my business and I am tired of people using me. Am I a victim? No I do not think I am because I allowed these people to move in my rentals but I will say this again, lesson learned.

Maybe things will stay quiet with no more drama.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Adventures of a Landlady- Cops Surround House

September 7, 2016

Last week I was told about the dining room floor bucking up at one of the rental houses so I made an appointment with the tenant to come and fix it. 

This is very strange because the sub floor is not wet, not was the oak hardwood, So it was cut out and replaced with new lumber. Since this is not a five minute job I was back and forth in the neighborhood today because I still have a couple pieces of lumber left from last weeks roof repair and boy oh boy did I get my eyes full!

I have two evictions going on right now, one has their time up on the thirty days and still would not move so I paid the courts to get that done and I expect to see the sheriff at that house, plus its know for the dope takers coming and going so I am sure its going to happen sooner or later, the cops will show up for that.

The other tenant still has a couple weeks till she is to be out and she probably will push me to pay the sheriff to remove her but After working at the one rental houses floor I went by the old home place that we are repairing and took measurements and dropped some trash in the trash can, my sister called and asked me if I was done that she wanted a ride to the grocery store to buy meats, I agreed to come get her.

My old home place is located so that I come out to Deyo street, right in front of the one evicted womans house AND lo and behold! The house was surrounded by cops from the sheriffs office, guns drawn and aimed at the doors!

The one deputy watched us as we passed, and kept going. 

I got my sister and went the other way, let them do there job.

I went in with my sister to the little neighborhood grocery store and she shopped, Tony seen friends in the parking lot and chatted.

I know it took a good thirty minutes or more, but when we topped the hill the sheriff department was still there but most were standing at the back door now and not any by the road.

When I dropped my sister back at her place I went the other way, again.

I got home and was winding down and I thought about it so I did it, I called her mother to ask what was going on and she told me they were looking for some guy called TK that hangs out with her grandson and he has 6 felony warrants on him, she went on to say they caught him a couple streets over.

I talked to her about her daughter, that its clear she has mental problems, if she gets out within the 30 days I wont take her to small claims court or have the sheriff remove her from the house and put her stuff in the road. She thanked me but I am not sure if she will get her out or not. Never know about these things.

I have learned a few lessons this year and one is who to rent to and who I am not renting to anymore. 

Another day in the life!

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Adventures of a Landlady - People Are Not Nice Anymore

Adventures of a Landlady - People Are Not Nice Anymore

September 1, 2016

It never fails, if I rent a house to someone that knows Tony, they will screw me over every time.

Once one of his friends son rented a house, newly painted and clean. I had to chase him for the rent every month, I found out he was using MY power and did not get it put into his name. When he finally moved after three or four months the house stunk, I had to repaint to get rid of his smell and he ripped the dryer plug in off the wall. He was a drunk.

Fast forward to today.

I did not listen to my instincts and I rented not one but two houses to people Tony asked me to rent to. Bad decision!

One man moves in that was homeless and Tony allowed him to use his stuff till he could do better. I had to evict because of the domestic violence, over and over, till they were busting doors down and busting out the windows, not mowing the grass and more. I evicted him 30 days ago and he refuses to move, calls the police to me because Tony asked for his stuff. I told the police I was giving him the out but if he wants me to pay you to set him out that it automatic that it goes into the courts, Tony told him about him owing him for paying him out of Jail, th police told him not to ever do that again, let them set in there.

I asked the policeman to explain the options to him, stay and I will have him put out and its in court, no way around it, or leave peacefully and just be gone.

The policeman left and came to my sisters house across the street and told me that he searched the house and did not find any drugs, but he was blaming someone that was visiting for holding drugs.

I had expected this behavior because his ex girlfriend called me last night and told me all about what he told her he was going to do and told me he is crazy. This man is physically handicap. 

Right before dark I was flooded with phone calls telling me he had a truck backed up to the door moving stuff, one is a landlord himself, he watched and circled the house a few times telling me what he was loading up, I told him what he was NOT to take.

The other one.....

A couple days ago I gave notice to another one of Tony`s friends daughter because of all the people living there and its against the rules of the lease, plus I heard that they were selling drugs, noise complaints and fighting crowds of boys. Plus I always have to beg for my rent, that I reduced $100 so she could have a place to live. Big mistake.

I was told today by the church people, this house is across from the church, that those boys are robbing the cars while the people are inside for worship.

I seen her outside and I asked did her son give her the eviction, she said yes and did not like talking to me, told me they all moved out. I told her to bad three strikes and you have to move, she told me she was not moving till 30 days were up and I let her know I did not mind paying the police to help her. BUT I was not mean about it, I can talk to people calmly. I did tell her about the boys and she defended them all, said they were not around last Sunday. See this is a lie because I was in the neighborhood and I heard the fight and seen the police.

I was told a couple days ago by my Uncle that her dad said she always gets ran off from every place she rents. She is bi-polar.

My elderly ladies( both slightly mentally retarded) were told today that they will have to find another way to town next month, I have been taking them for a couple years now every month! They always seem to find a way to go out to the buffets to eat, I do not ask for any gas money and its rare they offer. When Tony told them that he is sick and could not do it anymore the oldest waited a minute and said " Angie, you`re coming to get us next month, right?" I said very stern" Did you not just understand what Tony said? he is sick he cannot wait hours for you to go shopping so I have to pick his health over your shopping." But I did say, I can take you to the bank and to pay the water and power bill, not out to eat and not to go shopping for hours, for that you`ll have to ask your friends or take the bus.

Back in 1995, if I know what I know now about rental houses I would have invested my money somewhere else, the time and bull is not worth it anymore to me.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Running A Business Into The Ground - Great American Dream

Running A Business Into The Ground - Great American Dream

You`re excited because you have just launched your first business, you have seen many of the same business that you chose come and go some failing completely and closing up but you still have that sense of pride that comes with making your very own business come to life, that gut feeling that you can and will make it.

You hire a small staff that you assume has a good background in the service you are providing. The first month is awesome, people are coming and checking out everything, money is coming in.

Now its six weeks into this new business and the traffic is slowing down, some people even voicing their disappointment, but as the proud owner you shake those few complaints off.

A couple more weeks pass and there is only a handful of people coming in, the bills are beginning to come in also, but with no money how will you pay those bills? 

What to do?! 

To run a good business you must have an excellent manager! 

The staff CAN make or break your business. Whether they are rude to customers or if they are to nice. 

Let me explain.

For instance : 

Once I walked into Taco Bell and asked " what do you have good today?" 

The cashier said while making this horrible face " I don`t know, I don`t eat here!" 

I smiled and replied " you don`t eat her, nether will I!" I turned and walked out.

That was a bad call for the cashier to comment like that because it was a loss of money for that business, whether she liked the food or they were dirty she should have never said she did not eat at the place of her employment. 


Running a roofing business is not just hard but a demanding job that needs all of the employees attention, they could fall or hurt themselves. 

This man went to this roofing company and hired them to do his roof, about half way done the man walked up mid day and was talking to one of the employees and he smelled alcohol on his breath, this was not a good impression of the business now that he found out the employees were drinking on the job.

The man put the word out, This company allows the employees to drink on the job. 

It was not the owners fault but POOR management, the manager should have fired that employee, but now the word of mouth is out and his business WILL suffer because of this one person.

A retail store.

Walking in the door you should be acknowledged by a member of the staff, if you need help someone should be there to assist you. If no one cares, then that customer will walk out that door and go to your competitor. 

Once again, one person can make or break your reputation as a good quality place to shop.

Same goes for an online business.

When you put your hard earned money into setting up a site and then you walk off allowing a couple people to work it you depend on good management for your site.

The first couple of months things are doing good,but all of the sudden people no longer are coming to your site. 

Some even make complaints because of the staff but the owner has turned a deaf ear to those complaints because the staff is assuring the owner its just one or two people, get over it.

Soon the staff has ran off all the people that was making the owner the money. 

Just remember, whether its a restaurant or an online site, the staff must be trained to be kind to ALL. After all its YOUR money and not theirs.

The old saying is " The customer is always right!"

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Adventures of a Landlady - It Hit The Fan!


Adventures of a Landlady - It Hit The Fan!

August 30,2016

" For sale by Owner" is beginning to sound like a wonderful idea, As I look at empty houses that is away from town.

Back in June I rented a house to this lady and her son, every month after that I had to chase her down to GET the rent. Well the passed few weeks they have actually been living at the house and I will tell you what, so have about ten more teens or young adults!

I have had to tell her to mow the grass.

Yesterday I pull up to the stop sign and I see a fire, they are burning trash! That is a big time NO-NO, its in the lease to buy trash pick up and actually she can get it free, I ask her to put it out and one of the teen girls stomped over to put it out with a cup of water. 

I ask "how many people have moved in," she said "none, that is my sons friends." I said " but they are here at 7 am and then when I leave work at 11 pm they are here, to me that is living here." She could not deny it any longer and said, "some stay." Then she denied knowing she had to get permission and pay $50 for each person not on the lease when they move in, I plainly told her she read the lease and she does know.

I have had so many calls about the noise, but I said nothing because I know they are young BUT last Sunday night I heard a bunch of noise and fighting, cussing and more, by the time I got things loaded up on the truck and the house locked up, drove over a block there were police everywhere, for two blocks!

When I asked her about the police, she told me whoever said there was more than one car of police is lying, I never mentioned I seen them, she said it was one cop and he was looking for one of her sons friends that has a warrant. I never did tell her I was watching and listening to all of it.

So after thinking about the situation, how its hard to get the rent, how bad it is for the people who own homes around her, I served the eviction notice.

I drove up and heads popped out of several windows, all boys/ young men, probably 10 or more. I walked up to the door that was wide open and a boy was sitting in a chair, I ask for ___ and he yells for the son, he comes out and I ask where his mother is and he said " gone to get our meds." I told him I have to hang this since she is not here" and  I taped it to the wall, he said " Is that an eviction?" I said " yes" and he said " oh we`ll pay rent in a few days!" I told him it was not about rent and walked off, he tore the notice off the wall. I walked around to the front door and taped up anther and took pictures.

In a few minutes I plan to call the tenants mother and let her know that she has to move, I personally know her mother and she is such a nice lady.

I may have let it go and told her to get rid of the "gang" but she plain out lied to me about the police, so that means she is lying about everything and the neighbors are telling me the truth.

I swear I am getting near to putting those for sale signs out and buying somewhere else for income, seems I am only getting the worst people here lately.

Another day in the life.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Adventures of a Landlady - Someone Called The Police


Adventures of a Landlady - Someone Called The Police

August 28, 2016

Although its Sunday I did work today, not exactly as a landlady but doing what I consider taking care of the property.

I waited till late this evening to go to work, its cooler at that house when the sun is in the west because of huge tree`s blocking the hot rays.

First I dropped off the cooler with cold drinks and the vacuum, dust pan and cleaners before going to Lowe`s home improvement store for roofing.

I passed one of the rentals and there was around 4-5 young men hanging out, looked normal to me when you have young people still living at home with mom. I threw up my hand in a wave.

After getting materials, I passed this same group of young men walking back from the store but there were more of them now, Once again I waved.

Fast forward to dark. 

I was still working after dark at the house, I could hear the cars leaving when Church let out and then it was quite outside. Since I did not turn on the air conditioning I had the front door open and I would take breaks sitting on the front porch. Tony was sitting on the porch when I was gathering up the last bag of trash, the trash man runs on Monday and I wanted it all out, I came out and Tony said " listen to that!" I could not help but hear it! There was a fight and all these young men was cussing and screaming and I was a block over!

It took me around five minutes or more to get my purse and close up the house, I drove over to that rental house, my rental house. BUT as I topped the hill I was blinded by lights, Tony was driving his truck today and he slowed down and turned off. There looked like three car loads of police was on the hill, I am not sure if they were called about the noise, the fight or what. Tony turned right on a road before getting to close and then turned left to get on the main road and there was another policeman with his spot light shining. I assume when the police came up they all ran, and the police were chasing them. 

I can really hear and see what happens around the neighborhood, my rentals, when I do not drive my P.T. Cruiser and I am at the old house that none of them know about :) They have no idea the rent lady is around!

All the other tenants, even the one that is evicted, all quiet.

Another day being a landlady and observing. I had already been told about those boys/ young men, but it was the first time I had seen them. 

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Friday, August 5, 2016

Adventures of a Landlady - C`mon! Not Again.

August 4, 2016

In my lease I expect rent to be paid on the first day of the month but I give five days to pay it and if its after that date I charge a late fee. I just charge a flat fee since charging ten percent can get to be extreme to me, but after this last new tenant I am rethinking how much I am charging and not getting.

I had half of the tenants to pay on the first, on time and smoothly. Next collection appointment was the third of the month, I had three requests for this day and all afternoon pick up. But before I even got my day started I had a call telling me the bank computers were down and she could not get her money, could she pay on the fourth, she is never late, I said yes. 

Since I also had to work mowing grass ( yes I still have a few mowing jobs I do for extra cash) in the same neighborhood I went to work a couple hours early to make sure I had time to pick up rent and get to the bank and get the mowing done.

The first pickup was as planned and paid in full. Then I went to the next house and no one was there. I called her up and she was a few blocks over at her moms and she asked could I come get the rent, I said yes because I know what its like not to have a car.

When I got there she walked out to the car and she said " Here we go again Angie, I only have the rest of July rent because I have not got the new card in the mail, but I should have it by Friday or Saturday." You cannot even imagine all the cuss words that I was thinking! If I do not get paid on time I will evict this lady because I am tired of all these excuses, I know she is getting paid. When I wrote out the receipt I made sure to put " For July rent." I refuse to collect rent a month passed due when I could have someone else who pays on time and I could get higher rent. This stressed me out because now I have to put off whatever I had plans to do with that money.

But the last one takes the cake! I have one house that I am selling as " for sale by owner" to an elderly black lady, she is the one her bank was down. Well, she calls me late in the evening on the fourth and told me she has the rent but I have to come to her granddaughter house to get it. I said " okay," I do know the granddaughter and I like her. 

But what I did not know is where she lives, an all black area, with a bad reputation but no big deal to me. At five pm I am in an area I don`t really know and all the people are staring at me because I am the only white person around, I had one black lady pull behind me at the curb and wait till I finished with my tenant, I drove up to turn around and she followed me and then followed me off that block and only stopped when she seen I was leaving the area. As I was nearly out of that neighborhood the police had a man pulled over and he stopped what he was doing and stared at me because white people just do not go there. I have to say that, that was the first time I was uncomfortable being in a neighborhood, I felt unwelcome by the people and the police, regardless of what color the people are.

Another day as the landlady.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Adventures of a Landlady - Let The Games Begin!

August 1, 2016

I usually call all of the tenants the day before the first of the month especially when its on Monday because some don`t get paid till the third or on Friday.

Right now I have three first of the month and three on the third of the month but sometimes I still do not get paid on those days.

I have three tenants without a car and three tenants with cars.

My first stop was one of the newer tenants, no car, I had made the call the night before and I asked if he needed a ride because I was going to the water company by the bank and he said "yes, please." This is the tenant that is/was having problems with the girlfriend, remember I wrote about her kicking in the door, well he had called after she left when I served the eviction and he asked could he stay since she is gone, I said on one condition " She can`t ever come back." He told me she wasn`t, that he has had enough of the abuse. Since she did not pay the bills with the money he had gave her to do so with he was playing catch up.

Next was my little elderly ladies. It took them forever in their bank to get money, then I took her by the power company and I dropped them off to eat at the buffet, I went to grab a burger and to pay my bills, I went back after an hour and got them. Next stop for them was the grocery store and just as I was about to go in with them I got a call from my attorney, they had the paperwork ready for me that I have been waiting for since forever, so I left them to shop and I drove the couple of blocks to his office, I signed the papers and I went back to get the ladies, they were checking out, perfect timing. 

I dropped them off at their house and helped them inside with the food.

Next was the hill, I collected and took off but I did not make it to the bank so I went to walmart got a few things and headed home.

I made it home with plenty of time to walk the dogs. 

I wish that the first of every month went this smoothly, next is the others on the third and I hope it to go just as smooth.

Being a landlady can be hard and it can be easy, I do love those easy days :)

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry -Old Town Childersburg, Alabama

Friday, July 29, 2016

Adventures of a Landlady - Help! Its Broken

Plans are made to be broken, or rather that is the motto of a landlady. I make plans and with one ring of the phone your day just became someone else`s day, you are the problem solver. 

I got the call early that one of my rental properties was being abused, the front door and a window, all because a man told a woman to go away, the woman thinking she can have her way with my property is sadly mistaken. I sent word, I will have her arrested. 

After carefully thinking about this situation with this property, how many rules are being broken, I decided to give notice of eviction, with an out. When I say " with an out" I mean if they leave before due date I will not take them to court for damages, just go away. Stay and I will have to recover losses. I prepared the papers and headed off for the planned work for the day.

Stop one, fix a leaking rook on one rental house.

Stop two mow the grass at th other rental house, install a new toilet handle because they don`t make them like they used to.

But now because of this early morning interruption I have to make one stop before work on the other properties, the eviction.

This eviction was not expected I could tell by the look on his face, I reckon I am supposed to keep taking what is dished out.

I did get the eviction taken care of and the roof repair. I began to mow the grass and the rain started, so I stopped and my help fixed the toilet handle. 

But one good note to think about is the other lady that I had served an eviction for failure to pay rent, stepped up and paid her past due rent so I am not out another months rent. 

Just when you think things will run smoothly, they don`t and they never will, that is just the life of a landlady!

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Adventures of a Landlady - Never Ending Drama

I have to say that I did not pick this profession is actually picked me. One day someone said " here do this" and I did and now I made it this far. Being a landlady is more than "adventures of the landlady" its more of a never ending drama, I should make this into a lifetime movie!

Finally the hot water tank problems was solved and it was just the breaker needing a new one. But while I was investigating, with help, I was told about the kitchen sink drain was leaking, leaking nasty water under the house, so my help went under the house to fix that and busted a water pipe! Now its was another ballgame, so to speak. I ran down to the water meter and turned off the water. Told the tenant the water would be off and I will be right back.

After the hour long drive to get supplies I got back and the help fixed the pipe he laid on and busted. 

With me being his ride home, he was sopping wet and muddy so he took their water hose and washed off all the mud and I layered cloth over the leather seats to catch any extra water.

This tenant was one that moved from a smaller house to the bigger house, now she wants to move back into the smaller house but its occupied, because as she said " its easier to keep clean and a smaller yard to mow and rake, I made a big mistake when I moved in this big house because I can`t even mow the grass all in one day." It is a huge yard, with hills.

I did not make it the the elderly ladies house to fix the toilet chain.


A new day. 

With Tony being sick again I had to take off another day and take care of him, so I said I will not answer the phones because everything would be "urgent" although it isn`t. Tony decided since he was down on the couch for the day he would do my job and run the phones and solve the problems. I was very impressed! But I made the mistake of answering the first call.

First call : To early in the morning.

Hey, are you busy today? said a tenant.
Why? What`s up? I replied but not telling my schedule.

The tenant said "I bought a new window a/c from the power company and it is to big for the window by a couple inches, can I take out the window. "

I replied with " Let me talk to someone about this and I will get right back to you."

"Okay" and the call ended.

I did call my helper and he said " if its just the hight then I would say yes to removing the bottom section of that window, but if its width, no way!"

But before I got the answer that same tenant called three times and it was not even an hour.

I "asked" Tony to answer the call after I got my answer. Tony said what I was told and matter closed.

Call Two : I seen the number and told Tony who it was, the guy that his girlfriend beats up on and they just went to court, but he asked her to leave last week.

Hey, Is Angie there? asked the tenant.

Tony said " She is busy, what`s up?"

The tenant said " I went down to the camper where __ __ had moved and its so hot in there and she doesn`t have a toilet, I felt so sorry for her and told her she could come back home, if that is okay."

Tony said " you are the lease holder and you are responsible for everything that goes on there and I am sure there is not a problem with her coming back, we like her but you HAVE to live with her." 

"I promise no more fighting and the neighborhood calling about the police being here" the tenant said.

I think Tony has been listening to how I handle the tenants because he said just about everything I would have.

What caller number two did not know is that I knew that his girlfriend was already back the day before, I seen her when I walked down to my sisters house from the rental that is up the hill.



I am waiting for the call " come get your rent money." but for some reason I feel like I won`t get that call. I am writing up the second notice of eviction to tape to her front door.

I need a new job with better pay but I will thank God for what he has given me, until he closes this door and opens a new one.

By Andria Perry
Photo by Andria Perry- Downtown Anniston, Alabama.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Great American Dream - Adventures of a Landlady

There is always something to be fixed, that has become a fact of life for me being a landlady. If its downed large tree limbs or leaky facet, or "I don`t have hot water," There will always be an adventure of a landlady living this great American dream of mine.

The latter half of the week was swamped with phone calls of problems, I need this fixed and phone calls asking me to please wait longer for my rent.

I got the tree limbs cut and I loaded the truck full, I had help with the cutting and help unloading but this took hours.

I had assistants from the electrician VIA phone about the hot water heater not getting beyond warm, since its only a couple years old I am not thinking about the element but more a breaker.I had one breaker replaced with a used one so I went and bought a new breaker. Other than the breaker I have one more thing to check before I go out and get another water heater or hire someone to replace the element because my electrician is swamped with work and cannot turn loose.

The tenants that were put in jail for domestic violence were released from all charges and fines and she went back to work that night ( she had been fired but got rehired back) she came home drunk and the man told her to leave, she abused him. The next day he got a restaining order due to her abusing him and she has moved completely out. But this guy called and called and called wanting me to help but I could not just leave work so I advised him and he found a way to get what he wanted done. He mentioned she had been in court ten different occasions for domestic violence, she did mention that men had beat her in the past, as I see it now they were defending themselves. Of the injuries I know of was this huge red, skinned spot on the side of his head, a bruise on the upper inside of his arm and he told my sister that he got a broke rib.

I had hung an eviction notice because the new lady has not paid rent, told me a huge story that I cannot believe, although it may be true I can`t take her for her word because I have meet her two times. After a week she finally called and asked me to allow her five more days to pay up, I told her she had to pay by the date listed or move, she promised to pay within five days.

Then I had another tenant that upgraded to one of my bigger rental houses say " I wish I was back down in the smaller house" and when I asked "why?" she replied with " This place is really to much for me to keep up." I told her when it comes empty again I would consider moving her back into it. Now I wished she would have stayed in the smaller three bedroom house because the four bedroom could rent for more.

I refuse to answer any calls from the tenants today, I need one day to clean my house.


Now to the plants / produce business

I have to say I came out with plans to have a wonderful harvest and sell a lot of food, get the greenhouse up and started and have each season ready with plants.

I did get a wonderful harvest on the zucchini and yellow squash and I sold around $60 worth, that is 5 squash for $2.00 I estimate 150 squashes that I sold, I gave away as much as I sold and I put away enough for my own winter use. 

I made the money back I invested.

Then mid June the rain stopped and the temps went to August norms of 100° plus. The garden dried up. I sold no more.

But A couple weeks ago I planted a few cucumber plants in flower pots and I am growing them on my deck. One row was tilled and yellow squash was replanted for another harvest, I just hope it makes as well as the ones before and that I sell as much or more. In late August I will sow seeds for the greens, turnip, kale and more.


Writing ....

Since the site of Blogjob got hacked and they lost many of the ad companies paying the bills, they just about have closed their doors. I waited two months, or had it been three? for them to come back as a paying site but not yet. I do hope they return because it was an awesome writing site.

I am writing my own blogs here at BlogSpot/ Blogger but I do not get any pay for them,yet.

On my birthday I was told about a new site that just opened and one of the owners I have written on other sites with so I do know his name. I signed up and I am writing there now and I should get paid in October. 

Maybe one of these days I will be what I was meant to be....... I just have not figured out what, yet.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry