Sunday, August 28, 2016

Adventures of a Landlady - Someone Called The Police


Adventures of a Landlady - Someone Called The Police

August 28, 2016

Although its Sunday I did work today, not exactly as a landlady but doing what I consider taking care of the property.

I waited till late this evening to go to work, its cooler at that house when the sun is in the west because of huge tree`s blocking the hot rays.

First I dropped off the cooler with cold drinks and the vacuum, dust pan and cleaners before going to Lowe`s home improvement store for roofing.

I passed one of the rentals and there was around 4-5 young men hanging out, looked normal to me when you have young people still living at home with mom. I threw up my hand in a wave.

After getting materials, I passed this same group of young men walking back from the store but there were more of them now, Once again I waved.

Fast forward to dark. 

I was still working after dark at the house, I could hear the cars leaving when Church let out and then it was quite outside. Since I did not turn on the air conditioning I had the front door open and I would take breaks sitting on the front porch. Tony was sitting on the porch when I was gathering up the last bag of trash, the trash man runs on Monday and I wanted it all out, I came out and Tony said " listen to that!" I could not help but hear it! There was a fight and all these young men was cussing and screaming and I was a block over!

It took me around five minutes or more to get my purse and close up the house, I drove over to that rental house, my rental house. BUT as I topped the hill I was blinded by lights, Tony was driving his truck today and he slowed down and turned off. There looked like three car loads of police was on the hill, I am not sure if they were called about the noise, the fight or what. Tony turned right on a road before getting to close and then turned left to get on the main road and there was another policeman with his spot light shining. I assume when the police came up they all ran, and the police were chasing them. 

I can really hear and see what happens around the neighborhood, my rentals, when I do not drive my P.T. Cruiser and I am at the old house that none of them know about :) They have no idea the rent lady is around!

All the other tenants, even the one that is evicted, all quiet.

Another day being a landlady and observing. I had already been told about those boys/ young men, but it was the first time I had seen them. 

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. Sound like young men partying to hard. Hopefully they are not destructive.

    1. I think some of them went to jail :/

  2. Yikes! (I look forward to reading your blog posts at sites that don't pay per comment. Yes, they'll show up in the regular blog feed this way, and I'll be able to read them on computers that can't handle Blogbourne or Google +.)

    1. Thanks! I am beginning to learn the ropes of getting paid for my OWN blog, any advice is appreciated @priscillaking