Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Adventures of a Landlady - Oh What A Night

Its been nearly a month since I have written about my adventures of a landlady, and boy do I have them! Not to disappoint the tenants have been up to their usual selves and that`s okay, who wants a boring life?!

Lets see, I did rent the last house but that tenant did not move in till this weekend, or at least I seen the door open and stuff outside headed to the house.


My elderly ladies are doing just fine, after one was kicked out of Church someone told the one sister that its wrong and she should not go without her older sister, they are now attending a new church and its bigger so no on can focus on one persons faults. A couple days ago The eldest ask for a ride to the grocery store for milk and ice cream so I took them, the old stayed in the car and said " can`t wait to take that day trip next month!" I said " I am not so sure this car will make it and I have to make sure Tony is healed" She said " now I am worried" Tony asked " why?" the tenant said as she pointed at me " she is making me nervous saying we might not go," I had to laugh and say " I am telling the truth, do you want me to lie?"


The new tenants that have his parents living with them, they have been good tenants, no noise, no problems. Grass mowed weekly and house clean when I was inside.


The other new tenants. Well! They do drink beer and I do not have a problem with it, its not illegal. But she lost her job due to staying out of work so she is home all the time. They got into a fight and she was doing the hitting up on him, he called and told me to come make her leave. I explained that he was the head of that household and he would have to make her leave and I suggested calling the police to her if she continues to hit him. He did and she cut herself and said " I got to jail so do you!" They both went to jail.  Since all of his family is in another state he asked Tony to bail him out, two days later Tony did bail him out but not her.

Now while he was in jail my sister, that lives across the street, was feeding his little dog because I asked her to. When he got out I told him she was feeding it and thanked me.

A few days later he got her out on bail, like always get sober, kiss and make up, They tell my sister thank you. all is good. 

The next day this lady goes to my sisters and bums a green tomato, my sister gives it but is not a people person and prefers to be left alone.

The next day she comes over for chit chat, did I mention my sister is mentally ill?, and throws her cigarette butt down in the yard. Now my sister is calling me to complain they won`t stay home.

I go to the neighborhood and I take more paint for this tenant to use inside the house and while I am behind my sisters house at our Uncles I hear loud talking and my sister opens her back door and tells for me, I went around the house and told them to walk back home I need to talk to them. 

I had to tell these tenants, that was bringing my sister a plate of food, to stay away from her. I told them they were wasting that food she won`t eat it, and that was the truth. I know they were being nice but she will not be nice to them and I let them know before she hurt their feelings. Then she told me about the other tenant being her ex and I told her I knew about it but she told me one story and he told me another. I did not share either stories because that is over, we are all adults and no one is to bother the other, So far its been okay this way.


The ladies on the hill? All quiet. No problems at all. That is how I like it!


I said that the month of June would be quieter because I would not be around as much and I wasn`t. But last week changed that, I had a tree to " lay down" across the old home place that will soon be a rental house. It did not do any damage because it was a rotten limb held by vines. My work is waiting on me for the month of July, now I wonder where I can find some help?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry