Monday, April 3, 2017

Building and Selling Your Business - Smooth Work Life

Its April already and I have to say that this year at this time is 100 % better than last year at this time. The Smooth work life, again.

Last year I had over half of the rentals empty and I went to each and cleaned and did the repairs, some taking longer than others, I was living on half the income and using that same cash flow to repair each one, it was not easy but I managed it right.

I learned a huge lesson last year about the people that were coming to me for a house, most of them did not work regular, all of them had pets and none of them could afford to pay me what I wanted for the houses. As I repaired and cleaned the houses I as thinking about how to draw in the people that I wanted in the neighborhood, the peaceful people, the young families.

I upped my game, added a little more here or there, although it took me longer to get back on the market.

I also listened to someone I do not even know, I was so down about how someone left one of the rentals and when this person said "What kind of people are you renting to? They Don`t seem to care." That statement did open my eyes so I did a little research and found out why I was getting the so called "I don`t care" people. I was to cheap! My prices was an invitation for disaster.

Now I am in competition, no longer the lowest but the same price as other rentals in the area. It has been a long time since I raised the rent and I can say it was well overdue. I have a no pets policy that I stick to, they will be evicted if they get an inside animal and MUST have written permission for any outside pets, so far all of the tenants came to me without owning pets. All of the tenants, except the elderly ladies, work full time jobs and all of them have young children.

Collection this month was a breeze, for a change.

I called and made the appointment time to collect for each and all were on time. 

I have even stopped carrying the elderly ladies around, however, I do give them a ride to the bank but that is it, no more all day taking them grocery shopping or dropping them off at a restaurant and coming back to pick them up. Just as I knew they would, they have found someone else to do it, A member of their  church.

I made a list of small repairs or things that need to be done for each. I hope to get that started next week, today its raining so no working on any of the rentals.

I still have the one place that I am repairing, its at a stand still till warmer weather so maybe, just maybe I can get back on it later this month. I could have a yard sale there while its empty too, I often do that, at least use it for something :)

I also sold another house, "for sale by owner"  So far all is good and payments are on time but that will more than likely be the last I sell this way, I prefer all the money at once so that I can apply it back into the business.

How is your business life this year?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Building and Selling Your Business - Selling And Leasing

When is it time to sell? 

I have been tired of repairing a few of the rental properties I own so when I find some good people I will offer them the house they lease. Today I took the down payment for one property and we will close next week. I do love this house and that is why I bought it but I am sure I will never live there so its time to sell so someone else can make a home.

When Do I lease a house? 


I  had a call from a lady needing a house, since the lady and her ex share custody of their children she wanted in the same neighborhood, I did check with the man to see what he thought about it and he said that was fine with him, that they got alone pretty good. I told him well at least the boys could walk back and forth if they wanted to.

So I had my sister to show the lady the house I gave been working on, or rather hired people to work on.

The lady called me and she took the house. I am signing the lease today but she has to give me till Saturday to get the house finished inside because I have stuff to move out, my ladder and paint supplies and the like and it has to be mopped and cleaned. I will work on the outside all Summer because it looks so bad.

I did not have intentions of leasing this house out yet but sometimes I just have to go for it. Plus working outside no one has to be home. A empty house is not good, I like people in all the houses. Plus the money is always a help.

I do have to give thanks to God, my heavenly father, for providing me with the houses and the wonderful tenants.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Building and Selling Your Business - They Murdered It

In a week March will be here and I will say goodbye to one of the jobs I have been doing this year and I will have no regrets of leaving this one. All the driving is finally getting to me.

For the past week I have relied on the phone to get work done on a couple rental houses since I have been for the most part living an hour away and being a 24/7 caretaker of someone very sick. 

This is driving me crazy- feels like I have lost control or maybe I just cant supervise the work and the quality.

I made appointments with several people to get several things done in this one rental house, usually I do all the work myself but being an hour away its just impossible this time. 

1- Painting

2- Carpet cleaned

3 - Electric repairs.

My sister needed money this month for an unexpected bill so I hired her to do the painting. One coat was done and half of the trim by the previous tenant. She started right away and has been working at her own (slow) pace but she knows there is a deadline.

More about :The dead beat tenant. 

I had hired this one guy to do the carpets a month ago but he was a no show on the best weekend so I went ahead and got the painting scheduled and now the guy wants to do the carpets.

Read more : Do not pay first 

Now to the electrician.

My sister has a key to the house so she saved me some time by letting the electricians in to work.

Last tenant also pulled down the dining room over head light fixture and broke two more so that the bulb had to be screwed in to use. Plus this house had a gas stove but I wanted it electric because most people do not use gas except for heat so I had him put in a new breaker with a 220 line.

But let me tell you, the Electrician murdered my wallet! Took all of what I had and I owe them $50. The quote was for around $200, the bill was $340. 

But they also removed the stove, took off the gas pipe and told me to buy a plug but I am sure I have one, before I rented the house.

The guy showed up to clean the carpets while I was there and I told him to wait till my sister finished painting because it would take them days to dry, BUT I gave him work of cutting in a carpet for one of the bedrooms.

I have yet to call and check on those two.

Dead wallet I have. Plain out murder.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Adventures Of A Landlady - I Got A Man

Being a landlady can be boring at times and other times filled with drama, I prefer a nice smooth running business but I have yet to find any business that is drama free.

I rented a house back in November to a man with four young boys. He is the tenant that I collect mid month from. He had asked if it was possible when I rented this house to him and I agreed. Today was collection day. He knew I was coming because I called last week, but he was not up and had not went to the bank and it was already noon. I told his mother that lives with him and takes care of the boys I would be back in 30 minutes. But he had not returned and I asked his mom if she would get the rent and let me come back later.

I really needed to inspect the house, its a month over due but last month they boys had strep throat and now the adults have the flu. Just by looking into the house via kitchen it looks okay BUT I really need to see the rest of the house.

I also rented a house this month to a family that rented from me some years back and they took their time moving in and that was fine by me. Late yesterday I got a call that when the water company cut the water on a pipe was busted outside by the house. Well, I was over an hour away with someone sick so I asked her if I could come the next morning and she said he dad could fix it if that was okay, I said yes because he has worked for me before.

While in the neighborhood I seen the man that fixed the pipe and I stopped to pay him, he wanted next to nothing and I paid him a lot more, it was worth it to me. Then he was moving a refrigerator out and to another house for me because they have their own, so he also got hired to move two fridges.

After I got finished with my other job I went back to the rental neighborhood and I blew the horn when I seen him leaving his daughters and he stopped, I handed him a $20 and he said , no that`s okay." I through it in the truck and said " I might need you again and I want you to always get paid for work you do for me." He said just call if we need to work him. 

I think I finally got me a man, a handyman that is.

I did collect the rent.

Now to the only empty rental house. 

I am hiring my sister to paint the rental for me, I had this one guy paint it weird colors and the next man was supposed to paint it for the deposit but it is just a smear job and none of the trim is done, I got awarded that money in court! Anyways I took her paint, two new brushes, a new roller nap and a roller handle, I also will pay her to clean so I took a new bottle of pine-sol. I showed her what to do and then I had to go buy light bulbs! The last man took them all and I had put the 5 year light bulbs in, never again.

By phone I set up the appointment with the electrician  and the guy who will clean the carpets, I did put him on hold because the electricians will be in and out and their boots track in a mess. 

It is very hard not to do the work myself because I always have but at the moment I cannot get away from the 24/7 care taking job I have. It is really hard because I am a no nonsense get it done and not waste time doing so, everyone else is SOOOOO slow and I am not paying by the hour but the job.

I am hoping to sell another house next month, its not that I don`t want it I just feel like its time to sell a few and get busy using the land just setting, maybe a trailer park? 

I would like to get out of the rental business but seems this business has claimed me :)

Another day in the life!

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

She Got Out! More Adventures of a landlady

I rented the house to her in June and she  moved her stuff in, she did not live there till August. By the time the "gang" got done with the neighborhood, she was evicted on August 29th. 

People calling telling me about all the people living in this small three bedroom home. Kids fighting outside and the cops! Everyday I came by the police were there. Someone always hanging out windows and the door was always filled with people just standing around.

I inspected the house and seen some of the damage, some was hidden by garbage or filth,Walking on their clothes in the floor.

She begged to stay since the police broke up that gang by arresting them all. I found out one of them had 6 felony warrants, one was for murder. I said no.

This eviction was not a moment to soon!

I reckon one tried to hide in the loft from the police and knocked holes in the sheet rock.

I reckon the police kicked in the doors with search warrants.

When the trash piles up to the wall from piling it in the floor this happens.

Who knows why people do not clean the toilet! I have yet to understand this one.

And punching holes in the walls, why? Does that make them manly?!

And! The smell. And why did she not toss this in the trash? I can tell you why because she wanted it to stink and she wanted it to be infested with ants.

 There was just nasty stuff around, it had been wet and was stuck together, left for me and my plastic gloves to cram into a trash bag.

Why would you not ever vacuum the carpet? Lazy?!

Well lets not forget the grown up lawn, why not burn trash when it clearly says "NO burning" in the lease? Or who care just toss it, it`ll blow into the woods!

There ya go. That is how people treat the landlady. Was I mean to her ? No. I just let her know she has to follow rules like everyone else, she did not want to follow them and I had to evict her. The neighbors are so happy today.

How far did I get this evening working on the house? with no power I got all seven rooms swept out. I got ALL the trash out, bagged up and in the trash for pick up. While I had water I got the bathroom cleaned but I did not have a screw driver to remove that toilet seat, its trash can bound! I got the kitchen sink cleaned and all the floors mopped, twice. I also scrubbed off the back porch, it was nasty. And I got ants under control by removing the food and spraying.

Tomorrow the sheet rock work and yard work will be done.

Just another day in the life of a landlady.

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Adventures of a Landlady - Quiet

Adventures of a Landlady, Quietness is Heavenly.

Maybe because me being seen in the neighborhood so much has calmed down the ..... the, The evicted tenants.

Because I have gave both of them second chances I have to assume that both believe I will allow them to stay since they are behaving like  normal people but with me its strike three.... Your out!

That one tenant that thought I was new at the eviction process and challenged me to get the court ordered eviction got served by the Sheriff already. The way the first of the month fell and then labor day I could not file till the sixth of the month and the courts informed me that they served the papers on the ninth. Three days?! I am guessing the same officer that came out when this tenant called them because I evicted him served the papers and probably with pleasure.

The other one is very quiet, now, but she always makes it known when she sees me in the neighborhood to sit outside. If she had not allowed a "gang" to live there she would not have been evicted for the third and last time.

Although I have been in this business since the 1990`s I am still learning everyday, as the crooks learn new ways to take from people, the people have to learn new ways to block them. From these two I have learned that NO one will rent another house from me unless they have a job, worked there six months, and maybe they should have a car.

Seems to many people are abusing the system and getting SSI and they are drinking and using drugs, looking for that free ride. 

I am not free anymore, I have worked my entire life and sunk every penny into my business and I am tired of people using me. Am I a victim? No I do not think I am because I allowed these people to move in my rentals but I will say this again, lesson learned.

Maybe things will stay quiet with no more drama.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Adventures of a Landlady- Cops Surround House

September 7, 2016

Last week I was told about the dining room floor bucking up at one of the rental houses so I made an appointment with the tenant to come and fix it. 

This is very strange because the sub floor is not wet, not was the oak hardwood, So it was cut out and replaced with new lumber. Since this is not a five minute job I was back and forth in the neighborhood today because I still have a couple pieces of lumber left from last weeks roof repair and boy oh boy did I get my eyes full!

I have two evictions going on right now, one has their time up on the thirty days and still would not move so I paid the courts to get that done and I expect to see the sheriff at that house, plus its know for the dope takers coming and going so I am sure its going to happen sooner or later, the cops will show up for that.

The other tenant still has a couple weeks till she is to be out and she probably will push me to pay the sheriff to remove her but After working at the one rental houses floor I went by the old home place that we are repairing and took measurements and dropped some trash in the trash can, my sister called and asked me if I was done that she wanted a ride to the grocery store to buy meats, I agreed to come get her.

My old home place is located so that I come out to Deyo street, right in front of the one evicted womans house AND lo and behold! The house was surrounded by cops from the sheriffs office, guns drawn and aimed at the doors!

The one deputy watched us as we passed, and kept going. 

I got my sister and went the other way, let them do there job.

I went in with my sister to the little neighborhood grocery store and she shopped, Tony seen friends in the parking lot and chatted.

I know it took a good thirty minutes or more, but when we topped the hill the sheriff department was still there but most were standing at the back door now and not any by the road.

When I dropped my sister back at her place I went the other way, again.

I got home and was winding down and I thought about it so I did it, I called her mother to ask what was going on and she told me they were looking for some guy called TK that hangs out with her grandson and he has 6 felony warrants on him, she went on to say they caught him a couple streets over.

I talked to her about her daughter, that its clear she has mental problems, if she gets out within the 30 days I wont take her to small claims court or have the sheriff remove her from the house and put her stuff in the road. She thanked me but I am not sure if she will get her out or not. Never know about these things.

I have learned a few lessons this year and one is who to rent to and who I am not renting to anymore. 

Another day in the life!

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry