Wednesday, October 5, 2016

She Got Out! More Adventures of a landlady

I rented the house to her in June and she  moved her stuff in, she did not live there till August. By the time the "gang" got done with the neighborhood, she was evicted on August 29th. 

People calling telling me about all the people living in this small three bedroom home. Kids fighting outside and the cops! Everyday I came by the police were there. Someone always hanging out windows and the door was always filled with people just standing around.

I inspected the house and seen some of the damage, some was hidden by garbage or filth,Walking on their clothes in the floor.

She begged to stay since the police broke up that gang by arresting them all. I found out one of them had 6 felony warrants, one was for murder. I said no.

This eviction was not a moment to soon!

I reckon one tried to hide in the loft from the police and knocked holes in the sheet rock.

I reckon the police kicked in the doors with search warrants.

When the trash piles up to the wall from piling it in the floor this happens.

Who knows why people do not clean the toilet! I have yet to understand this one.

And punching holes in the walls, why? Does that make them manly?!

And! The smell. And why did she not toss this in the trash? I can tell you why because she wanted it to stink and she wanted it to be infested with ants.

 There was just nasty stuff around, it had been wet and was stuck together, left for me and my plastic gloves to cram into a trash bag.

Why would you not ever vacuum the carpet? Lazy?!

Well lets not forget the grown up lawn, why not burn trash when it clearly says "NO burning" in the lease? Or who care just toss it, it`ll blow into the woods!

There ya go. That is how people treat the landlady. Was I mean to her ? No. I just let her know she has to follow rules like everyone else, she did not want to follow them and I had to evict her. The neighbors are so happy today.

How far did I get this evening working on the house? with no power I got all seven rooms swept out. I got ALL the trash out, bagged up and in the trash for pick up. While I had water I got the bathroom cleaned but I did not have a screw driver to remove that toilet seat, its trash can bound! I got the kitchen sink cleaned and all the floors mopped, twice. I also scrubbed off the back porch, it was nasty. And I got ants under control by removing the food and spraying.

Tomorrow the sheet rock work and yard work will be done.

Just another day in the life of a landlady.

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry


  1. I am glad she is out. I can only image how bad the house would be if she would of been living them any longer.

    1. How true this is, its sad people live like this.

  2. I admire you for doing all that cleaning yourself. I don't think I could do it. We normally get all the repair work done by the handyman and then hire a cleaning service to get the final touches done. I'll admit we only had one unit that was ever this bad. With that one we had to replace the bathroom underfloor -- not just the flooring. One woman moved out and left her cat there alone for three weeks with only a relative to come feed it. the feeder did not clean the litter box, so our carpets were a mess. Other than that, she'd been a good tenant up until the time she stopped paying rent.

    1. When they stop paying rent, they stop cleaning.

  3. and this kind of mess, muss, and fuss is exactly what holds me back from considering being a landlady! Yikes!