Saturday, September 17, 2016

Adventures of a Landlady - Quiet

Adventures of a Landlady, Quietness is Heavenly.

Maybe because me being seen in the neighborhood so much has calmed down the ..... the, The evicted tenants.

Because I have gave both of them second chances I have to assume that both believe I will allow them to stay since they are behaving like  normal people but with me its strike three.... Your out!

That one tenant that thought I was new at the eviction process and challenged me to get the court ordered eviction got served by the Sheriff already. The way the first of the month fell and then labor day I could not file till the sixth of the month and the courts informed me that they served the papers on the ninth. Three days?! I am guessing the same officer that came out when this tenant called them because I evicted him served the papers and probably with pleasure.

The other one is very quiet, now, but she always makes it known when she sees me in the neighborhood to sit outside. If she had not allowed a "gang" to live there she would not have been evicted for the third and last time.

Although I have been in this business since the 1990`s I am still learning everyday, as the crooks learn new ways to take from people, the people have to learn new ways to block them. From these two I have learned that NO one will rent another house from me unless they have a job, worked there six months, and maybe they should have a car.

Seems to many people are abusing the system and getting SSI and they are drinking and using drugs, looking for that free ride. 

I am not free anymore, I have worked my entire life and sunk every penny into my business and I am tired of people using me. Am I a victim? No I do not think I am because I allowed these people to move in my rentals but I will say this again, lesson learned.

Maybe things will stay quiet with no more drama.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. Less drama is always a good thing indeed...!

    1. I love quiet and peaceful neighbors, and that is what I want there too.