Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Building and Selling Your Business - Selling And Leasing

When is it time to sell? 

I have been tired of repairing a few of the rental properties I own so when I find some good people I will offer them the house they lease. Today I took the down payment for one property and we will close next week. I do love this house and that is why I bought it but I am sure I will never live there so its time to sell so someone else can make a home.

When Do I lease a house? 


I  had a call from a lady needing a house, since the lady and her ex share custody of their children she wanted in the same neighborhood, I did check with the man to see what he thought about it and he said that was fine with him, that they got alone pretty good. I told him well at least the boys could walk back and forth if they wanted to.

So I had my sister to show the lady the house I gave been working on, or rather hired people to work on.

The lady called me and she took the house. I am signing the lease today but she has to give me till Saturday to get the house finished inside because I have stuff to move out, my ladder and paint supplies and the like and it has to be mopped and cleaned. I will work on the outside all Summer because it looks so bad.

I did not have intentions of leasing this house out yet but sometimes I just have to go for it. Plus working outside no one has to be home. A empty house is not good, I like people in all the houses. Plus the money is always a help.

I do have to give thanks to God, my heavenly father, for providing me with the houses and the wonderful tenants.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

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