Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Adventures of a Landlady - Let The Games Begin!

August 1, 2016

I usually call all of the tenants the day before the first of the month especially when its on Monday because some don`t get paid till the third or on Friday.

Right now I have three first of the month and three on the third of the month but sometimes I still do not get paid on those days.

I have three tenants without a car and three tenants with cars.

My first stop was one of the newer tenants, no car, I had made the call the night before and I asked if he needed a ride because I was going to the water company by the bank and he said "yes, please." This is the tenant that is/was having problems with the girlfriend, remember I wrote about her kicking in the door, well he had called after she left when I served the eviction and he asked could he stay since she is gone, I said on one condition " She can`t ever come back." He told me she wasn`t, that he has had enough of the abuse. Since she did not pay the bills with the money he had gave her to do so with he was playing catch up.

Next was my little elderly ladies. It took them forever in their bank to get money, then I took her by the power company and I dropped them off to eat at the buffet, I went to grab a burger and to pay my bills, I went back after an hour and got them. Next stop for them was the grocery store and just as I was about to go in with them I got a call from my attorney, they had the paperwork ready for me that I have been waiting for since forever, so I left them to shop and I drove the couple of blocks to his office, I signed the papers and I went back to get the ladies, they were checking out, perfect timing. 

I dropped them off at their house and helped them inside with the food.

Next was the hill, I collected and took off but I did not make it to the bank so I went to walmart got a few things and headed home.

I made it home with plenty of time to walk the dogs. 

I wish that the first of every month went this smoothly, next is the others on the third and I hope it to go just as smooth.

Being a landlady can be hard and it can be easy, I do love those easy days :)

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry -Old Town Childersburg, Alabama


  1. Love the pic. Nice that things went smooth for you for a change.

  2. I am happy to hear things are going better with your landlady experience as of lately. Sounds like this are better tenants.

    1. Yes they are. I hope they all stay for a while.