Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Adventures of a Landlady - It Hit The Fan!


Adventures of a Landlady - It Hit The Fan!

August 30,2016

" For sale by Owner" is beginning to sound like a wonderful idea, As I look at empty houses that is away from town.

Back in June I rented a house to this lady and her son, every month after that I had to chase her down to GET the rent. Well the passed few weeks they have actually been living at the house and I will tell you what, so have about ten more teens or young adults!

I have had to tell her to mow the grass.

Yesterday I pull up to the stop sign and I see a fire, they are burning trash! That is a big time NO-NO, its in the lease to buy trash pick up and actually she can get it free, I ask her to put it out and one of the teen girls stomped over to put it out with a cup of water. 

I ask "how many people have moved in," she said "none, that is my sons friends." I said " but they are here at 7 am and then when I leave work at 11 pm they are here, to me that is living here." She could not deny it any longer and said, "some stay." Then she denied knowing she had to get permission and pay $50 for each person not on the lease when they move in, I plainly told her she read the lease and she does know.

I have had so many calls about the noise, but I said nothing because I know they are young BUT last Sunday night I heard a bunch of noise and fighting, cussing and more, by the time I got things loaded up on the truck and the house locked up, drove over a block there were police everywhere, for two blocks!

When I asked her about the police, she told me whoever said there was more than one car of police is lying, I never mentioned I seen them, she said it was one cop and he was looking for one of her sons friends that has a warrant. I never did tell her I was watching and listening to all of it.

So after thinking about the situation, how its hard to get the rent, how bad it is for the people who own homes around her, I served the eviction notice.

I drove up and heads popped out of several windows, all boys/ young men, probably 10 or more. I walked up to the door that was wide open and a boy was sitting in a chair, I ask for ___ and he yells for the son, he comes out and I ask where his mother is and he said " gone to get our meds." I told him I have to hang this since she is not here" and  I taped it to the wall, he said " Is that an eviction?" I said " yes" and he said " oh we`ll pay rent in a few days!" I told him it was not about rent and walked off, he tore the notice off the wall. I walked around to the front door and taped up anther and took pictures.

In a few minutes I plan to call the tenants mother and let her know that she has to move, I personally know her mother and she is such a nice lady.

I may have let it go and told her to get rid of the "gang" but she plain out lied to me about the police, so that means she is lying about everything and the neighbors are telling me the truth.

I swear I am getting near to putting those for sale signs out and buying somewhere else for income, seems I am only getting the worst people here lately.

Another day in the life.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

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