Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Adventures of a Landlady - Never Ending Drama

I have to say that I did not pick this profession is actually picked me. One day someone said " here do this" and I did and now I made it this far. Being a landlady is more than "adventures of the landlady" its more of a never ending drama, I should make this into a lifetime movie!

Finally the hot water tank problems was solved and it was just the breaker needing a new one. But while I was investigating, with help, I was told about the kitchen sink drain was leaking, leaking nasty water under the house, so my help went under the house to fix that and busted a water pipe! Now its was another ballgame, so to speak. I ran down to the water meter and turned off the water. Told the tenant the water would be off and I will be right back.

After the hour long drive to get supplies I got back and the help fixed the pipe he laid on and busted. 

With me being his ride home, he was sopping wet and muddy so he took their water hose and washed off all the mud and I layered cloth over the leather seats to catch any extra water.

This tenant was one that moved from a smaller house to the bigger house, now she wants to move back into the smaller house but its occupied, because as she said " its easier to keep clean and a smaller yard to mow and rake, I made a big mistake when I moved in this big house because I can`t even mow the grass all in one day." It is a huge yard, with hills.

I did not make it the the elderly ladies house to fix the toilet chain.


A new day. 

With Tony being sick again I had to take off another day and take care of him, so I said I will not answer the phones because everything would be "urgent" although it isn`t. Tony decided since he was down on the couch for the day he would do my job and run the phones and solve the problems. I was very impressed! But I made the mistake of answering the first call.

First call : To early in the morning.

Hey, are you busy today? said a tenant.
Why? What`s up? I replied but not telling my schedule.

The tenant said "I bought a new window a/c from the power company and it is to big for the window by a couple inches, can I take out the window. "

I replied with " Let me talk to someone about this and I will get right back to you."

"Okay" and the call ended.

I did call my helper and he said " if its just the hight then I would say yes to removing the bottom section of that window, but if its width, no way!"

But before I got the answer that same tenant called three times and it was not even an hour.

I "asked" Tony to answer the call after I got my answer. Tony said what I was told and matter closed.

Call Two : I seen the number and told Tony who it was, the guy that his girlfriend beats up on and they just went to court, but he asked her to leave last week.

Hey, Is Angie there? asked the tenant.

Tony said " She is busy, what`s up?"

The tenant said " I went down to the camper where __ __ had moved and its so hot in there and she doesn`t have a toilet, I felt so sorry for her and told her she could come back home, if that is okay."

Tony said " you are the lease holder and you are responsible for everything that goes on there and I am sure there is not a problem with her coming back, we like her but you HAVE to live with her." 

"I promise no more fighting and the neighborhood calling about the police being here" the tenant said.

I think Tony has been listening to how I handle the tenants because he said just about everything I would have.

What caller number two did not know is that I knew that his girlfriend was already back the day before, I seen her when I walked down to my sisters house from the rental that is up the hill.



I am waiting for the call " come get your rent money." but for some reason I feel like I won`t get that call. I am writing up the second notice of eviction to tape to her front door.

I need a new job with better pay but I will thank God for what he has given me, until he closes this door and opens a new one.

By Andria Perry
Photo by Andria Perry- Downtown Anniston, Alabama.


  1. I bet it would be a top Movie, if you made into one. You have a new adventure every day.

    1. LOL, Somedays I want to run away.

  2. Dittos LNBMW; there's book potential here.

  3. Believe it or not. I have always wanted to own rental houses. After reading your stories makes me wonder if it is even worth it.

    1. NOOOO! Run and find another line of work.

    2. Me too. I thought (if my husband were a little more handy) it would be nice to buy and "flip" cheap houses then rent them out. Your stories make it sound like a nightmare, but its a moot point anyway. We can barely afford OUR property, most less others to rent out.

  4. I'm reading a book called "How May We Hate You" full of stories from 2 hotel consierges about things that happened on their jobs. You could do a landlady version.

    And...raise your rent next time you have an empty. You need more money for the stress you deal with.

  5. Replies
    1. Wit till you hear the next post!

  6. Hope Tony gets to feeling better. Sounds like you had another full day, or two!