Sunday, July 24, 2016

Great American Dream - Adventures of a Landlady

There is always something to be fixed, that has become a fact of life for me being a landlady. If its downed large tree limbs or leaky facet, or "I don`t have hot water," There will always be an adventure of a landlady living this great American dream of mine.

The latter half of the week was swamped with phone calls of problems, I need this fixed and phone calls asking me to please wait longer for my rent.

I got the tree limbs cut and I loaded the truck full, I had help with the cutting and help unloading but this took hours.

I had assistants from the electrician VIA phone about the hot water heater not getting beyond warm, since its only a couple years old I am not thinking about the element but more a breaker.I had one breaker replaced with a used one so I went and bought a new breaker. Other than the breaker I have one more thing to check before I go out and get another water heater or hire someone to replace the element because my electrician is swamped with work and cannot turn loose.

The tenants that were put in jail for domestic violence were released from all charges and fines and she went back to work that night ( she had been fired but got rehired back) she came home drunk and the man told her to leave, she abused him. The next day he got a restaining order due to her abusing him and she has moved completely out. But this guy called and called and called wanting me to help but I could not just leave work so I advised him and he found a way to get what he wanted done. He mentioned she had been in court ten different occasions for domestic violence, she did mention that men had beat her in the past, as I see it now they were defending themselves. Of the injuries I know of was this huge red, skinned spot on the side of his head, a bruise on the upper inside of his arm and he told my sister that he got a broke rib.

I had hung an eviction notice because the new lady has not paid rent, told me a huge story that I cannot believe, although it may be true I can`t take her for her word because I have meet her two times. After a week she finally called and asked me to allow her five more days to pay up, I told her she had to pay by the date listed or move, she promised to pay within five days.

Then I had another tenant that upgraded to one of my bigger rental houses say " I wish I was back down in the smaller house" and when I asked "why?" she replied with " This place is really to much for me to keep up." I told her when it comes empty again I would consider moving her back into it. Now I wished she would have stayed in the smaller three bedroom house because the four bedroom could rent for more.

I refuse to answer any calls from the tenants today, I need one day to clean my house.


Now to the plants / produce business

I have to say I came out with plans to have a wonderful harvest and sell a lot of food, get the greenhouse up and started and have each season ready with plants.

I did get a wonderful harvest on the zucchini and yellow squash and I sold around $60 worth, that is 5 squash for $2.00 I estimate 150 squashes that I sold, I gave away as much as I sold and I put away enough for my own winter use. 

I made the money back I invested.

Then mid June the rain stopped and the temps went to August norms of 100° plus. The garden dried up. I sold no more.

But A couple weeks ago I planted a few cucumber plants in flower pots and I am growing them on my deck. One row was tilled and yellow squash was replanted for another harvest, I just hope it makes as well as the ones before and that I sell as much or more. In late August I will sow seeds for the greens, turnip, kale and more.


Writing ....

Since the site of Blogjob got hacked and they lost many of the ad companies paying the bills, they just about have closed their doors. I waited two months, or had it been three? for them to come back as a paying site but not yet. I do hope they return because it was an awesome writing site.

I am writing my own blogs here at BlogSpot/ Blogger but I do not get any pay for them,yet.

On my birthday I was told about a new site that just opened and one of the owners I have written on other sites with so I do know his name. I signed up and I am writing there now and I should get paid in October. 

Maybe one of these days I will be what I was meant to be....... I just have not figured out what, yet.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. You should have a day off being a landlady. My ex father in law choose to not do any rental business on Sundays if possible. Unless something happen like a broken water pipe or other emergency. Everything had to wait at least one day.

    I am glad you had an abundance from your garden. Plus, made some money.

    As for Blogjob, I removed all of my work. But kept my account open. I don't know what happened for it to close.

    1. An over seas country hacked into his system and caused it to crash over and over and with all the down time the people paying for ads pulled theirs causing a lack of income.

  2. I am always saying you work way too hard and need to take a little time for yourself. I know, that isn't an easy thing to do.

    I too, hope blogjob goes back to pay. I removed all of my work from there but, I do have my account opened still. Maybe we will get lucky. I really liked that one myself.

    1. I was making good money at blogjob.

  3. This weather has been brutal on the gardens 😎

    1. Its bad when people rely on them for food for the year.