Saturday, July 16, 2016

Adventures of a Landlady - New Projects

Being a landlady is NOT an easy job, I sometimes describe it as running a day care to being in high school to running a nursing home. The people are all different, some live clean some don`t, some whine some don`t, some expect a mansion on a trailer park budget (no I don`t own trailers but its not out of the question!).

The past couple of days I noticed things that were ..... not right and obsessive.

I made the choice to start on the one house that is in dire need of repairs, A tree laid down on the porch and another limb fell across the path to the side porch. In the process the limb yanked out the power lines from the wall and a new metal plate had to be installed, the power is still on and okay its just not completely stable, so many steps had to be taken to fix this.

First cut the tree limbs down and into pieces easier to move, then move it into a pile to be taken away. Got that done.

Next replace the long piece of metal to the block.Got that done.

Now I had to get rid of all the debris, so going back to asking for help a couple days ago and not getting it, I got a call from the same man wanting to work and I said okay and got that part done, nearly.

Now I get to call the power company to come and reattach the wiring to that metal plate since they can now safely get to the side of the house.

I had forgotten my yard rake to get up all the dead leaves and small stuff but that is okay, I will do that next week.

I also trimmed up a few if the summer growth of unwanted trees and vines, I mowed the grass and I filled the trash can.

What I had did was get the guy to load the truck with all the limbs while I cut the grass, Tony drove the truck down to the woods ( My woods) and had him to unload them there, it`ll rot and go back to the soil. When I finished the mowing then I helped.


The man Tony asked to help was in need of money, that we know, but when he called to say he wanted to work he also asked if his g/f could come, just for the ride. Tony said " no, we will be in the same neighborhood." This did make the g/f mad, this guy told Tony he was glad he did not let her come because he can`t be one minute without her up under him, that he needed a breath of air, He said " I do live her but I need a little alone time."

When Tony passed his house after the first load was dumped in the woods with the guy in the truck she yelled at him and Tony stopped in the road, the guy told her "I am not done I will be back later."

When he was finished with the second and last load I told Tony to drop him off and I would have to go to the bank for money. 

Tony came back and he said she had put on make-up and was sitting on the porch waiting when he dropped him off.

I went into town and got the mans pay and took it to his house and this was the first time she did not come out to talk when we came by, mad I reckon.

But what was obsessive was, when I got home I checked the missed calls on the business phone and she had called at least six times, repeated over that six minutes. She left one message : " I am looking for _____, he rode by and said he was going to the store and has not came home yet." She knew he was working but still insisted on hunting him down.

I truly feel sorry for this man.


What was not right in the past few days? 

I talked to another tenant and I told her I would be there to cut up and remove the tree limbs in the yard, its not really my place but I will do it.

She said" I called a tree surgeon and he said the whole tree is rotten." I just replied with " I cannot afford a tree surgeon." because I was blown away that she even called one.

The old oak tree is not rotten, limbs do rot and fall off that is just a fact when you have large older trees. We have had some storms come through and high wind. I will not cut that tree. 

This tenant is scared of trees, she has so many fears in life that I do not know how she lives day to day.

In the lease it reads that "I will not" reimburse anyone for going off and doing what they want to my property. If something has to be done I will do it or hire whom I chose.

Just another week as a landlady!

By Andria Perry
Photo by Andria Perry


  1. Here's one for for you to make you smile.

    Sign on birdhouse: Wrental

  2. Seems like you work as a landlady never ends! The GF sounds like a winner. LOL

    1. It is a never ending repair job. I am not so sure I will rent this house, I may move back into it.

  3. I think that is good you add that in the leash. That way someone can't try to get one up on you.

    1. Live and learn, that is what life is about.

  4. The work definitely never ends w properties...

    1. No it doesn`t and that is why when I retire I am selling them.

  5. Always busy.

    I can't imagine being afraid of trees though!

    1. That tenant had an experience with tree`s and now she has fear.

  6. It's not easy and I don't think everyone could do what you do.