Friday, July 8, 2016

Adventures of a Landlady And More

July 7, 2016
When you have a company made of rentals you often have adventures of a landlady, here is one adventure.

First stop: This tenant needed a few kitchen tiles replaced due to they cracked in half, the reason being they are on a seam. I have had to replace these same tiles before because this house has been rented to many people that are bigger people, three hundred pounds or more, and the floor moves under their weight differently than smaller people. So I took help and had them to screw the floor down ( screws makes it tighter than nails)  so there is not as much give on one or the other side and laid those broken tiles. I have to say that when I put the new tiles down I can see how this floor is not clean because these are the same color tile from the same box I used a few months ago, I must inspect the coming month. I also noticed some big tree limbs down, I will have to cut those and remove the debris. This tenant was not happy to see me but her mother asked for these tiles to be replaced and she is the lease holder.


Next was the tenant that had the toilet leak, I just put another new wax ring in but they said its still leaks, so I got everything together and my help and went to do this but was stopped by the lady, she said " I think it may be the babies bath toys, I noticed water in the bottom of her basket." I told her to watch closely and let me know. But since the water is always clear and has no smell I hope it is just the bath toys. This tenant had no problem with me showing up and actually showed me her new bedroom set so I sorta looked around , now I wont have to inspect, its clean and okay with me. I did tell her how to block the hot summer sun from heating up her bedroom daily, I am sure she will try my suggestion.

Now to the new tenant that told me a big fat lie, she did it again when she did not call me as she told me she would, I gave an extra day before calling her, but I got her mother instead. The mother reassured me that everything would be alright but she did not realize some of the things she said that makes me wish I had not rented to her daughter. The tenant is mentally challenged but that is not an excuse for being late with rent, she has two children and has been living on her own. I will have to watch and see what happens here. The tenant moved her stuff in last month but has not spent one night in the house.

I have plans to redo another house to make it another rental, no I did not buy another house, I am referring to my old home place. Seems that it has always been the last to get any repairs, something always got in the way of repairs whether it was lack of money, repairs for another house or health problems.


But this month just as I was beginning to get things moving on this one house I had a tree to lay down across the from porch and into the power line to the house, the power is okay but I do need to find out who has to reconnect the attachment to the house, the power company or my electrician.

Me and my help took two electric chainsaws, one borrowed from my Uncle, the pole saw, and within three hours had the tree off the porch roof and in piles to be hauled off. I am thinking maybe three or four loads on the smaller truck. I am sure free dump day will be July 16th.

Now I can continue with my plans. I don`t have to hurry because this property has not been part of my income so I won`t be down any money while I am working on this one, I will just be down the material money. 

Another day, adventures of a landlady.

By Andria Perry
Photos By Andria Perry


  1. Quite a day ! The tree looks like quite a job to remove...

  2. Busy, busy all day long. Do you ever get time to rest?

    1. Yes, I do rest., I work all day and I rest in the late evening and watch a little t.v., or read online, or a novel.

  3. You can't sit still. It would be the death of you.
    This week I feel very drained and tired. Hope it is just the heat and humidity.

  4. I hope I die in my sleep at home with an unfinished novel beside me in bed.

    Yes I am sure it is, the heat will make you sick when you are not used to it.