Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Great American Dream - When You Need Help

Last evening I just needed to get away from home after three days working at the homestead and to see people and drop by the grocery store and post office.

I also needed to pick up a piece of metal for the old home place to repair the power head that the tree limbs broken down, my Uncle had that and he lives behind my sister so I stopped by to check on her, they both live in the old neighborhood where the rental houses are located.

Before turning up the street into the neighborhood I seen a couple tenants, stopped and talked a minute, just behind them was another set, the elderly ladies and I talked to them a minute, all were walking the the grocery store.

When I stopped at my sisters place first, another tenant seen us and drove his wheelchair up the hill and talked with Tony while I was inside.

When leaving that area I drove by the old home place, Most of the cut up limbs were dried out and ready to be moved. 

When I got back home Tony had the idea of hiring a tenant to help me move those limbs and called him, he said he had a headache but maybe it would be better today, after all we planned to work in the evening when the sun was blocked by the trees and we would have shade.

As I was making dinner, for me fried corn and tomatoes and for Tony b-b-q sandwiches, cheesecake for desert for both. That is when the phone began to ring, one call after another, I asked Tony to run the phones. 

One call was another tenant so he handed the phone over to me, it was the tenant I think is lying. She said she was checking in on the progress of reinstating her income ( well she did not say it as I did but...).

I had enough of the business world of mine and I turned off the phone.

This morning I had a call ( but ringer was off) it was the tenant, that needs work, saying that he was not going to work today. Bummer. Oh well its not like I always have help on the job. 

Making the decision to drag one job with me to do another was the " do I or don`t I" work today, I let the caretaker job make the decision and that was take off and do nothing today. 

I had a true day off work, well except being a caretaker but he slept all day so that was easy.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. I would have done the same ! Hope it was restful .

  2. I hope you got some real rest you sound like you really needed it. We all need to take a break sometimes..

    1. I have always been the one to overwork, just to get things finished.

  3. I've had to turn off the phone too. We all need a break sometimes.

    1. I turn mine off more than its on. I have learned I can`t control nothing so its be okay when I hear about it.

  4. I just let the answering machine pick it up. If there is no message, wasn't important.